There are just not enough nice words I can say about Portnov and the training

There are just not enough nice words I can say about Portnov and the training I have received in Express QA, the Internship they provided, and our Test Automation Bootcamp. I have been at Bootcamp on Mon and Thurs, and we are supported by additional team «homework study group» meetings on Tue and Friday.Training is done in «Portnov style» which means technical theory, backed by extensive practice with commercially used tools and methods. As always I have also received really good career and job searching assistance. I’m currently working with the school on interviewing practice (i.e. Job Clearance), and I have received great help with resume work and establishing online job searching profiles. Until I pass clearance, I will not be actively applying to many positions because I need the interviewing practice (it’s been 14 years), but even if I didn’t, because of the time it takes to do Bootcamp. ;-)Nevertheless, just passively having my resume and LinkedIn profile out there, has already generated a recruiter screening and coding assessment. My thanks to Slava, our Bootcamp teacher. I received 100% on the WebDriver coding assessment. Even though I have not heard back from Tesla or the recruiter, that is the best proof I can offer that this program is worth the cost and effort. We’re not even finished with Bootcamp, and I aced a staff level QA automation assessment.As far as status, sorry for being scarce. I’m really just slammed with coding work and occasional job searches.Once again, thanks to NOVA for making all this possible. 🙂 Please call me if you have any specific questions.