The school gives everything for the start and further self-development

Hello everyone! To everyone who is considering Portnov Computer School to gain knowledge in the field of Software Testing!

I highly recommend this school for the following reasons:
— Basic knowledge of theory in Software Testing!
— Practical and homework!
— Familiarity with many tools and technologies!
— The school can organize practice on several real projects and in my opinion this is the most valuable thing that I got in this school!
— Help and support when looking for a job!

Let me draw your attention once again to: The school provides basic and structured knowledge and this means that in any case it will be necessary to improve many topics on your own or take additional courses.
It all depends on what you like or where you feel there are gaps.

But!!!!! This is not a bachelor’s degree in computer science !!!!!
The school gives everything for the start and further self-development !!!!!

In general, the school is worthy of attention and I do not regret that I chose it some time ago!

(And here’s another thing, since the school has existed for more than a dozen years, Mikhail and the teachers have a large number of friends in a huge number of companies where you can get to practice, as was the case in my case)

If my wife decides, I will definitely send her to Portnov School!

Thanks a lot from me: Michael, Janna, Olga, Sofia, Sofia Pravdina, Galina, Anna Mazur and of course Galina Ilchenko (the best mentor in my life !!!)