It was the best decision to take Portnov classes

They were intense, well designed and I had an opportunity to have hands on experience to practice everything I learned. Every member of the school is there for you throughout your learning journey; they treat you like a family; they are so patient and willing to repeat as many time as needed and explain it until you understand. I really want to express my gratitude to Director of Operations Sofia Pravdina, her support and advice was very valuable to me.

Also, I wanted to thank Galina Lagunova, for her amazing teaching approach; she always makes sure that you understood everything and will go over everything in a very detailed way if not. She always there for you if you need help, sometimes even late nights. Her materials and classes are organized, clear and straight to the point. I’m still using a lot of her cheat sheets. I truly appreciate all your hard work; you are great teacher and mentor.

Overall, Portnov is the right place if you wanna change your life and you don’t know where to start. They will give and push you in a right direction!