I have absorbed and understood a ginormous amount of information

So here I am, I began my journey to become a QA engineer in the middle of July. Since then, I ve learned so much that… frankly… the word = ‘Learned’ isn’t the best fit here. No! I have absorbed and understood a ginormous amount of information. How many times in your life have you felt like you just need a chance? I was ready to go and do whatever it takes if only I got that opportunity. In late December, a few days before Christmas, I got my first job offer. Everyone’s first offer will be different, but I will now be making almost 2 times more than doing my previous job (2 jobs to be precise) and I am allowed to work remotely.

How far are you ready to go? How much of your free time are you willing to sacrifice?I must say that it took so much grit and so much persistence to become knowledgeable and be able to compete on the job market for QA. It is totally worth it! I can’t stress enough the value and diligent work of the school’s staff too. Guys and girls, ask questions, do your homework , don’t sleep if you have to, forget about other less important things and go get that job! People really are given all the tools and knowledge to achieve their goal but most importantly you are presented with the opportunity to be taught, schooled and guided by Janna, Olga, Anna, 2 Sofia’s and many other professionals who are always there for you if you show how dedicated you are.

P.S if you speak more than 2-3 languages, employers are even more eager to talk to you which leads you to interviews.