When you want to learn and excel you should do it from the BEST and the best is PORTNOV

When you want to learn and excel you should do it from the BEST and the best is PORTNOV .Living a few blocks away from the school I would everyday take a walk down the street near Portnov not aware of what it was all about, when one day my son ran towards the school and me after him, thats when I happen to just casually ask a student what they were learning there and I was told a lot of interesting things. And finally when I decided to restart my career I knew where I had to go .. Portnov it was ! In 2019 I joined the evening classes nd within no time of completion of my course I had an internship offer in hand with one of the best company in the Bay Area. And ever since than theres no looking back , Im glad I took that leap of faith and decided to change my career . Something totally different than what I doing in my previous jobs. Portnov helped me change my career and most importantly made me realize what I was meant to be doing .

The teachers here are fantastic .I have to mention teacher Janna , she is one of the best teachers I have come across so far. Very patient and approachable. Her way of teaching is fantastic!
Also, each student gets personal attention and hands-on training with the right guidance . They are bang on with the latest technology and polish you well for interviews. You can expect a plethora of opportunities coming your way for you to grab on .Besides that , the door of the school is always open for all the students and ex-students.

A very very special mention- Sofia who is one of the strongest pillar of the school goes out of the way to make sure that every student has a job . She’s so very supportive throughout your journey right from the moment you enroll in school till you are independent and established in your field and beyond.
My experience has been wonderful with this school and everyone here. So, it’s a promise of great experiences with an excellent faculty team and administration. While you are here, build networks, take chances and compete with yourself , push yourself higher and you will be rewarded with the Best!!

I highly highly recommend this school to everyone who wish to make a great career.