When changing your career, you don’t want this uphill battle alone

I was a student at Portnov’s recently, which coincided with my recent immigration to the US and being laid off from a first job, not related to QA.

I was working as QA Tester back in the old country though, and coming over to the US and trying to land a job in SQA initially, I had faced with totally different level of requirements and expectations for QA Engineers.

So, after leaving the first workplace, rather than looking for something similar with the same pay range, a good friend of mine reminded me of Portnov’s and helped me a great deal with establishing contacts and starting a program.

The learning process itself was not only very insightful and up to date with current SQA trends and technologies, but also one that reaffirms students and help us with believing that this new step forward is actually possible. When changing your career, you don’t want this uphill battle alone, and Portnov Computer School sees it through that you are all caught up with the classes, but also afterwards they offer a number of internship opportunities, some of them paid, and even more of those with a perspective to be hired full-time.

Thanks to the time and effort spent here, I landed a Software Testing Engineer position just recently, feeling a lot more prepared than before, and if you face similar challenges in your SQA career right now — this is the place to take care of you.